Friday, May 8, 2009

Rash attack!

I was called from Pre-K today to pick Macy up. She was covered in a rash/hives of some sort. The only thing we could thin that might have caused this was a trip to pick black berries with her Daddy. I don't know if it was the "wild" black berries or the bushes that surrounded them. I only had about an hour till school was over so I made her stick it out at my school. She loved being in the room since she likes to play she is in charge. Anyway, she came home and tried to swim in the pool but quickly got out, screaming no doubt because her welps were bigger. I gave her an oatmeal bath and rubbed her down with more benadryl cream. I had to chase her because the cream made them burn. This treatment followed up with some benadryl


Tracy said...

I'm telling can't beat the pink stuff!!

mhsands said...

I think it is time for an update! Thanks for the rice, sista!