Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rain, Rain, go away!

I am so thankful for the rain and know that some areas really need it. BUT here at the coast we have had more than our share. It has rained for 6 days straight. Bella Rose finally gave up and decided to play in the rain. I came home on Thursday and she was soaked and had obviously been out there for a while. It has been a long week at school as well. It was not enough that it was the last week of school but with the rain the kids where stuck inside which made it worse. FINALLY the last day with kids is over and I have to say this year I didn't get teary eyed. I did get sad when Macy came busting in on her last day of Pre-K with the cutest memory book her teacher had made. She had pictures from the beginning of school and I couldn't believe how much she has changed.

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Tracy said...

It really is sad, because this year has made record time and I realized all of a sudden how quickly they will graduate, because in a blink of an eye, this year was gone! They did a slide at the end of Colby's program with photos and those sad "you're gonna miss this, playing Cinderella type songs"! It was his teacher's first Pre-K year after many years in older grades and she was uncontrollable :)