Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pasta Craze

Okay, 2 post tonight. Shock! As some of you know, tomorrow is our staff pot luck. I always bring a dessert so today I decided I was not going to bring a dessert. I thought I would make it simple and bring a pasta salad. Well, I boiled the noodles and then sat down to watch a movie (Bride Wars, cute movie). I sneak and watch chick flicks when the big "D" is asleep. Wild woman I know. Then I started cutting up the tomatoes, etc. and decided I could have baked a cake or something and been in the bed by know. I wanted all the parts to be perfect so I cut the tomatoes carefully, cucumbers, etc. Well it looked good anyway. Off to bed!


Goin_Coastal said...

You have to brake out of the mold sometimes, just to keep 'em guessing. Glad you're posting again. Melissa can be relentless! Ha ha! Will look for Macy w/Granny around town ~

Tracy said...

You were up as late as I was....but I wasn't cooking for the staff lunch!

mhsands said...

It was dee-lish too! Next time, just remember your BFF doesn't like onions! And Jane, if I didn't stay off Susie Q; you'd have never known about what a terrific cook she is! :)