Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Over!

Well summer break is finally officially here for us! Today was sort of busy. The extra day was kind of nice since it gave me plenty of time to finish everything. I certainly wouldn't want them to know that because I don't want to work an extra day next year but since we had to do it I made the best of it. I was able to leave on time or early all week. Our staff lunch was delicious. My pasta salad was a hit but there were some left since someone else also brought pasta salad. My friends and fellow staffers love my desserts so I guess next time I will bring something sweet. Macy loves that pasta salad so she was way happy that some was left.


Anonymous said...
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mhsands said...

I could have brought your salad home with me if it was a problem taking it back home! (Especially if you would have picked the onions out for me.) LOL!