Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Hairy Mess!

Today was very busy. Mom had her post op this morning. We did a little shopping (mostly for bible school stuff). We then had a nice lunch at Cracker Barrell. Macy had $2 to spend and it was burning a hole in her pocket. She found this battery operated hamster and of course it was more than $2 but Mommy bailed her out. Anyway, as soon as we got home and put batteries in she proceeded to put the thing on her head and a wad of hair go caught in the wheels. I tried very hard to get it untangled but we were forced to cut it out. I explained I hoped she had learned a lesson. I finally decided to cut it out and a sprig stuck up and I had to laugh. She found this horriable and of course ran around screeming Mommy don't laugh. What is a Mommy to do? The sprig was so cute sticking up. Anyway, Granny saved the day and all is well.
Oh..and by the way. She did not find it amusing that Mommy was taking pictures.
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mhsands said...

Oh my! Take a look at my post "what a smile" and u can really tell how M feels about my taking pics! I would say just about as happy as ur M. :)

Tracy said...

Oh, my! That is my worst nightmare...only mine ends with cutting a great, big noticeable glob of hair!!! Laughing at her made me laugh, because I get tickled when some things happen to Colby and it burns him to the core. He marches around yelling, "it ain't funny....stop laughing at me!!!". That's what parents do, right....torture. lol

Haley Fennell said...

That is so hillarious!!! I remember getting a small barrel round brush caught in my hair when I was 15!! I had to cut it out and cut my hair. It might not be funny at the time, but it sure is now! :>D