Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Fishy Tale

Our week started off rather eventful. We decided to go fishing early Monday morning. David pulled us out of the bed at 5 ish and we were in the boat by 6:05 and at the fishing hole by 6:45. I haven't fished with David much since Macy was born. I use to go almost everytime he went. He has asked many times but I usually have so much to do that I don't go. He has taken Macy several times since she was about 3. Anyway, he put Macy's pole out and he didn't even have a chance to get mine out before she was yelling...something is pulling Daddy, oh my gosh, help me, help me, somebody help me. It warmed my heart to see her having so much fun. She squeeled also when we took off from the dock. And for those of you who fish...yes I do throw my own pole and will put the bait on but I play helpless when I can. He was so glad I went he waited on me and the poor guy didn't get to catch but 2 oh wait neither did I. Macy caught 3 of the biggest fish we caught and she did it all in 10 minutes and she was done. We headed back to the dock about 9:00 and when we got home Macy complained she didn't feel good. I checked her temp and she was running 102 fever. She slepted off and on the rest of the day. We had a great day anyway!

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Goin_Coastal said...

Doesn't get much better than a day of fishing w/your kid, oh & hubby, too!