Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's all about the eggs!

Well today was a great "family" day. We went to Greogory Park in Richmond Hill for an Easter egg hunt. We arrived to find all the children divided by age groups and they expected there to be around a 1000 people. Well! there must have been 2000. Anyway, we got to see the Easter Bunny and she still doesn't want to have anything to do with him so I had to stand between her and the bunny to get a picture. When it was time to hunt eggs she took off running yelling Mommy help me, help me. She found a prize egg with a $1.00 coin inside. They also had 2 bouncy houses and face painting. We stood in the long line for both but decided to go to McDonald's for lunch because the hotdog/hamburger line was to long. Everthing was you can imagine the people. It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed it. We were able to spend some time with our good friends Jeannie, Scott, Veto and family. I encouraged her to go to sleep tonight around 7:00 so the Easter Bunny could come. She left carrots out for him to eat. She knows the true meaning of Easter and will tell anyone who asked why we celebrate Easter but it is still fun to believe in the bunny!After hunting all those eggs...there is nothing like Daddy's shoulder.

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