Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Waves

Macy went to Summer Waves today with her Aunt Jeannie, Pop Pop (AKA Scott) and Veto. She had a blast and quickly told me she liked Summer Waves better than Splash in the Boro. Jeannie sent me some pictures but for some reason I couldn't get them to save. Anyway, I may get to post some of those pictures later. I was glad she was busy today because I packed, cleaned and did the final laundry. I decided just last week that I couldn't stand it and had to go to the beach. We have gone to Amelia 8 years in a row and Macy has asked for weeks when we were going. So, I booked last minute and actually got a great deal. I had planned to only stay for 5 days but I got such a good deal we are going to stay 7 for the price I was going to pay for 5. So, we are off to the beach!!!!!!!!! Have a great 4th everyone!
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Goin_Coastal said...

Happy 4th & Happy belated birthday! Oh, and congrats on Macy Girls front page spot in the Sentinal! Great pic!